How to Install WordPress | Step by Step Details

In this article you know “How to install WordPress” step by step guide. WordPress is one of the most critical management systems of content writing. It gets used in building and maintaining content websites. That is the best blogging site that gets used to having excellent skills for building unique blogs. It is easy to design, publish, and update data on WordPress by using the user interface system. You can easily write data in many effective themes, and you can even modify data very easily. You can attach images, links, and personal data in WordPress and can make your blog very effective.

WordPress has one of the most natural processes of installation, and it gets installed in about five minutes. Many web hosts provide some particular sites or tools to install WordPress by an automatic process. You have to follow some necessary steps, and when you get done with the installation of WordPress in a few minutes. You need to follow some of the essential steps that have given below:

Step 1: Downloading and extracting process

You have to first download the WordPress by using any web browser of your computer, and then you have to follow up by unzipping WordPress. You can also directly download WordPress by using your web server when you are comfortable in using console-based tools. Now, it is easy to extract your WordPress by unzipping it on the desktop.

Step 2: Creation of database and user

It is easy to create a database in WordPress, but if you are already using a hosting provider, then you need to worry about the creation because then you have a database set up in your WordPress. But if you do not have any support through hosting provider, then you need to create a database profile. You have to use the phpMyAdmin option, which has given in WordPress. Now, you have to fill the username and database in the phpMyAdmin option.

Step 3: Creation of set up of wp-config.php

It is effortless to create or edit these files by yourself, and you can also leave this step to WordPress while you skip this process. You can check through other installation scripts while setting up the wp-config.php file.

Step 4: Upload any document

Now, one crucial step begins, which means you have to upload any files, and you can use two processes to upload any file. It would be best if you decided where you have to upload data. The two procedure of uploading file is at root directory of website and a subdirectory of site.

Step 5: Running of installed script

You have to point your web browser because then the installation of the text will begin. You have to visit the part of website in which file gets uploaded, and then in case WordPress is not able to find the file, then it will notify for the creation of new data. Then WordPress will require details of your WordPress database, and then it will write all information to a new wp-confi.php file. Now you can proceed for the installation of WordPress.

Step 6: Installation of WordPress

The installation process gets progressed by filling some information related to screen details, site title detail, and username detail. You have to also enter e-main as well as password details twice during the installation process. It is very easy to Install WordPress quickly into cpanel and create a website.

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