How to put Google AdSense Ads on a Blog to Make Money Online

Google AdSense Ads: Many people are afraid to start working on their Internet blog simply because they do not have much information about it and are afraid to fail in the attempt.

The important thing is that you have a significant amount of monthly visits, have a network of regular and committed readers or subscribers, have a good SEO optimization.

CPC advertising (Cost per click) is an easy and quick way to make money with a blog and basically consists of placing ads on your blog and receiving a payment for each click generated.

Google AdSense Advertising System

Google Adsense is a contextual advertising system that pays you for placing your ads within your blog. Currently, more than two million people and companies invest their money in tools like Google Adsense to make themselves known.

This system is responsible for automatically choosing the ads that will appear on the web considering the profile of the user who visits it. That means you’ll have more chances to click and, of course, to earn more money.

You are probably wondering at this point:

There is no exact formula that lets you know how much money you will earn with Google Adsense, since this depends on many variables such as:

  • Advertisers
  • Competition
  • Maximum bids
  • CPC
  • Visits
  • Content Quality

What does it take to make money with Google Adsense?

Basically, all you need to generate income with this tool is to have a blog and be validated by Google Adsense. To be validated by Google Adsense you must go to the Google Adsense homepage and follow the steps below:

Sign up and wait a few days while the Google team performs manual verification (this may take a couple of business days).

Once accepted, you should start adding ads to your blog so that the Google team can ensure that the ads are not being inserted into an illegal site.

Finally, you must wait for a letter from Google to your address with a PIN that you must enter in the Google Adsense interface to begin receiving payments to your bank account.

Where to place Google Adsense ads?

There are many possibilities when placing Google ads on your blog; the most common are:

  • Three ad units
  • Three link blocks
  • Two search boxes

Google Adsense offers on its website very complete information on the best practices on the placement of ads. It is also recommended that you review the policies to avoid penalties with the program.

Similarly, it is recommended that stay away from the temptations and the fact of filling your blog with ads to earn more money. Beware of this! Having more than three ads could be invasive for your readers.

How to place Google Adsense ads automatically?

To place these ads on your blog automatically you can rely on different tools or plugins. Google Adsense is an excellent strategy to make your blog profitable; However, it is necessary to emphasize that with this you will not earn income from one day to another, you need to strive to gain traffic, develop SEO positioning strategies and create quality content to earn more.


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