How to Promote Your Blog | Techniques and Tips

Promote Your Blog: Do you have your own blog and need a little help to give you more visibility? We know that running a blog requires more work than it seems. And getting your readers to like the content and share it is even more so. That’s why we want to give you a cable. Today we share with you the most important techniques, and we give you some tips, on Promote Your Blog .

Promote Your blog – Tips

The first step to promote your blog you have to take it. And what better way to do it from the same blog? Through a carousel, sliders, list of posts or related posts you can highlight the ones that need it most and change them as you see results.

You can also (and should) encourage and allow your readers to share a post on their social networks . This can be done through the buttons of the different social networks that are normally found at the beginning, end or side of the post.

External blogs

In addition to your own, you can increase the visibility of your blog through external blogs. You often browse referring blogs in your sector to learn new things. When you do and the content is useful, let them know!

Tell them or mention them on social networks, ask them questions or tell them how your content has served you. Nothing to leave comments like “thanks for the post” or “check out my blog…”. They are shabby and artificial. Do not cut yourself, in the world of bloggers many move by “today for you, tomorrow for me.

Social networks

We have talked a lot about the effectiveness of social networks. When you promote your content on social networks, always do it with ingenuity, creativity and simplicity. Use short, flashy messages that arouse curiosity, and don’t forget to include the link in the post itself. Evaluate the best hours to publish, and on what days there is more interaction, to adjust your publication calendar.

Techniques to Promote Your Blog

For some blogs, Twitter represents the main traffic source. Ahead of Google! Therefore, it is essential to publish content with viral capacity and that is easy to share among users.


They could not miss! And we will not get tired of insisting on the importance of establishing relationships with influencers. Having influential profiles in your sector will provide great support to expand your community and increase the visibility of your brand and services.

Look for influencers related to the content you publish and establish links with them. Its popularity and persuasion are two key weapons that you should not miss. They cook it, and you eat it !

Specialized platforms

Another way of diffusion is that of specialized platforms. These are websites where a user registers, fills in a form and can freely upload its contents so that thousands of readers can read them. The contents are organized by categories, sectors and themes, which works as a very practical filter system for content search.

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